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Eligibilityi) Degree in law from a UGC recognized University. ii) Duly enrolled with concerned Bar Council
Qualification Details1. Essential Qualification i) Degree in law from a UGC recognized University. ii) Duly enrolled with concerned Bar Council. 2. Experience of practice: a. For conducting cases in High Court: 12 years of experience in respective field for which applied i.e. Civil, Labour, Service or Tax matters in High Court. b. For conducting cases in CAT: 10 years of experience in Service matters as practising Advocate in Central Administrative Tribunal. c. For conducting cases in District courts and other courts/tribunals: 7 years of experience in respective field for which applied i.e. Civil, Labour, Service matters or Tax matters as practising Advocate in District Court including other Courts and Tribunals. HI. 3. Desirable Qualifications: (i) LLM from a UGC recognized University. (ii) Diploma/ Certificate Course(s) in Labour Laws. 4. Tenure: The empanelment will be valid for a period of two years from the date of empanelment which may be further extended for one year (if required). The performance of empaneled Advocate shall be reviewed at regular intervals for continuance in the panel of Advocates. 5. Pay: The fee payable to the Advocates for drafting and attending court cases (effective and non-effective hearing) in High Court, Central Administrative Tribunal and District Courts/ Labour Courts shall be as per fee schedule for Advocates decided by Union of India vide Office Memorandum No. Government Of India, Ministry of Law and Justice, Department of Legal Affairs dated 01.10.2015 and shall be applicable as per revision from time to time. NO retainer fee shall be paid to any panel Advocate
Responsibilities and Dutiesi. Timely appearance of the Counsel to contest the cases for India Security Press in the Court is mandatory. Not attending the court case without any reasonable ground and notice in advance will not be accepted. ii. India Security Press is free to engage any Advocate of its own choice and an empaneled Advocate shall make no claim that he/she alone should be entrusted wfith India Security Press cases. iii. Refusal by any Advocate to accept any work without any reasonable cause (e.g. on grounds of conflict of interest) may entail removal of such Advocate from the panel, forthwith without waiting for the empanelment period to expire. ii The Advocate shall provide legal opinion in the concerned matter as and when required from India Security Press. v. The Advocates shall accept the terms and conditions of the empanelment as determined by India Security Press from time to time. vi. In order to ensure that there is effective check on the cases being conducted, the Advocates on the panel must report the status of the cases on monthly basis to the Unit. vii. In cases if it is required the Security printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited, Corporate Office or its other Units and/or Union of India/ Ministry Of Finance have also to be represented and defended in the same case and no extra fee shall be paid to the Advocate for the same. iii. If required render all assistance to special or senior Counsel engaged in a particular cases before the Supreme Court, High Court and other judicial bodies. The India Security Press shall be informed and updated On all-important developments in the designated cases on day to day hearings basis. The panel Advocate shall immediate apply for the certified copies of order/ judgment immediately on decision of case and the same shall be handed over to India Security Press within three days after receiving the same.
Document1. Copy Of Degree in Law. 2. Copy Of Enrolment certificate issued by Bar Council. 3. Copy Of identity card issued by Bar Association/ Council. 4. Copy Of judgments of 10 cases pertaining to the relevant field for which applied. 5. Copy of office order/ letter Of empanelment issued by other PSUs/Government Bodies etc. Last Date to Apply: 6/1/2020
Selection Procedure1. While considering the request from the Advocates, following shall be considered: Length of practice and specialization in the area Of law. bProper and adequate infrastructure of an Advocate such as office premises, number of associate Advocates/ assistants etc. c) Track record and integrity of the Advocate. 2. No applicant/ Advocate shall be called for interaction unless he/ she satisfies the eligibility conditions and is shortlisted for the same. Merely fulfilling the eligibility criteria will not confer any right on applicant to be called for interaction and to be empanelled. e) Depending upon the requirement and number of applications received, India Security Press reserves the right to shortlist the candidates to be called for interaction and to be empaneled. 3. The decision of the Competent Authority regarding short-listing and selection Of the candidates shall be final. A list of shortlisted Advocates for interaction shall be uploaded on the website of the India Security Press to appear before the interaction/ empanelment Committee along with the date, time and venue of interaction. No individual intimation will be sent to any candidate for their appearance before the interaction/ empanelment Committee. While considering the empanelment cases, if necessary, confidential enquiries may be made from the respective Bar Council/ Bar Associations regarding the expertise and reputation of the Advocate. No retainer fee shall be paid to any Advocate. 4. Written consent of the Advocates shall be obtained as to the acceptance of the rates, terms & conditions of the Corporation for empanelment, as amended from time to time.

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